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Call us and ask for Mark Seff or Anna-Maria Capizzi. We have over 35 years of experience and can help you today.
Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Paternity, Relocation, Modification Enforcement, Attorney Fees, Marital Settlement Agreement and other issues of family law.
Bankruptcy Law has many fine lines to follow and is a widely misunderstood topic. Make sure to consult bankruptcy professionals when considering this option. Always get clarification and input on your individual case.
Social Security Disability can be quite involved. There is a multi step process that an applicant has to traverse through and we can help you get on the right track. Let us guide you through complexity that is SS Disability.
Citizenship and Naturalization, Visas, Green Card Application, Deportation Cases, Asylum, Detention and Bonds, Paperwork Assistance, Permanent Residence, General Advisement and more.
Although we practice many specific areas of law, we also have general practice services, that include probate, small claims, wills, contracts, personal injury, local law issues, paralegal services and much more.
Seff Capizzi Law Group has a wide variety of paralegal services available. For more information on what we have available at the present moment, please contact us for details. We have details here on our website.
It can often be very intimidating to call a Law Firm. Seff Capizzi Law Group is dedicated to making that process easy and stress free. Our initial consultation is free of charge, so you can contact us with no worries.
Practicing Immigration Law has allowed us to focus on making our services as accessible as possible to the international community. At Seff Capizzi Law Group, we speak English, Italian and German.


At Seff & Capizzi Law Group we are 100% behind you. The moment you call us you will take note that we are different than other Law Firms. We are easy to understand, compassionate, honest and most of all, we come from a background just like you. Mark A. Seff and Anna-Maria Capizzi formed Seff Capizzi Law Group to help you with your legal needs in an approachable way. We take pride in knowing we are starting a relationship with you that will last.


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Mark A. Seff
Mark A. SeffPartner, Seff Capizzi Law Group
Mark A. Seff has been a leading authority in Family, Bankruptcy, Social Security Disability and General Practice. Having over 35 years of experience has enabled Mark to confidently serve the community and produce great results. Speaking with Mark will give you the confidence that you are in the most professional of hands.


Anna-Maria Capizzi
Anna-Maria CapizziPartner, Seff Capizzi Law Group
Anna-Maria Capizzi is a multi lingual attorney with the experience and expertise in Family, Immigration, Business Formation and General Practice, that will get you the answers you want. Anna-Maria is easy going, compassionate but direct, and will explain the law to you in a clear and concise manner.